Many athletes are using regenerative medicine to recover from their injuries and return to their sport. Pro athletes have been using regenerative medicine for many years and have had to travel to Europe before this became available in the United States. Hines Ward of the Pittsburg Steelers was able to play in the 2009 Super Bowl just two weeks after a knee injury after having regenerative therapy. According to Steve Coleman, author at, professional athletes such as, Peyton Manning (NFL Quarterback), Bartolo Colon (MLB Pitcher), Chris Johnson (NFL Running Back), Rafael Nadal (Tennis Player) and many more have received regenerative therapy. And the therapy is not just limited to professional athletes. Many high school and college athletes can benefit from regenerative therapy. Professional leagues allow regenerative therapy because it is a medical treatment and NOT a performance enhancer.

Stem cell therapy is a form of regenerative medicine that helps the body to heal and regenerate. These treatments help to regenerate and restore tissue and can greatly reduce or eliminate pain and allow athletes to get back on the field. Many athletes avoid surgery with stem cell therapy and return to their sport without a lengthy recovery time.

Currently there are four commonly used forms of stem cell therapy:

  • Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP)
  • Bone Marrow Derived Stem Cell Injections
  • Fat or Adipose Derived Stem Cell Injections
  • Amniotic Derived Stem Cell Injection

Donor site complications have been reported with Bone Marrow stem cell injections and the procedure can be painful. Adipose stem cell injections have a lengthy procedure time and can be very costly. Amniotic stem cell injections are simple quick procedures. At Agents of Healing we promote combining amniotic stem cell therapy with Platelet Rich Matrix (PRM). PRM is a simple natural way to deliver platelets to the injury site using the ClotMaster Hula cup. The ClotMaster Hua Cup has a higher platelet capture rate compared to PRP production systems. Combining these two forms of therapy can give the patient the best chance of healing and can be completed in one office visit. Consult with an Agents of Healing physician to find out what treatment options are right for you.

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